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Aerial Adventure Park

Aerial Park Cheese Element

Taking your Mohican Adventures to a whole new level! There are 6 courses varying by difficulty. Your adventure begins on either of the two green courses. These courses are the easiest and lowest. The two blue courses bring you up to a higher level of challenge, height, and adventure. The red course, considered “advanced” in challenge, and black course, our highest course, are the greatest in difficulty.



Aerial Park Pricing

1-Hour Pass – access to the Green and Blue courses ONLY – $25 per person

2-Hour Pass – access to Green, Blue, Red, & Black courses! – $40 per person

*Please note age and reach restrictions below for each course. For example, guests ages 5-6 years of age can only participate on the Green Course and will not be allowed access to higher courses. 

Open April 1 through October 31

In-Season Hours: 10am – 5:45pm daily 
May & September Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 10-3:45, weekdays by appointment
April & October Hours: By Appointment

Aerial Course Regulations & Rules

All participants must complete at least one of the prior level’s courses before moving onto the next level. For example, guests purchasing the 1-hour pass must complete at least one of the two Green Courses before moving onto the Blue Courses. Guests purchasing the 2-hour pass must complete at least one of the two Green Courses then at least one of the two Blue Courses before moving onto the Red Course, which must be completed before moving onto the Black Course. 

Green Courses (Beginner) – minimum age: 5

Blue Courses (Intermediate) – minimum age: 7 AND minimum reach: 60″

Red & Black Courses (Advanced) – minimum age: 11 AND minimum reach: 72″

Participants under the age of 16 must have adult(s) present to serve as monitors providing direct supervision. The following monitor ratios refer to the number of adults that must be present and actively monitoring each child.

Ages 5-6: Must have 1 participating adult to every child who directly assists and monitors the child on the course

Ages 7-10 and those with less than 72″ reach: 1 participating adult can assist up to 2 children by directly monitoring their progress on the course

Ages 11-15: 1 adult can monitor up to 10 children by assisting on the course or on the ground

Ages 16+: No adult supervision is required

Weight Limit: harness system maximum weight is 265 pounds

*Must wear closed-toe & heel shoes
*No wet clothing or swimwear allowed

**Rules, regulations, and prices are subject to change without notice.

Participation Agreement

Please click to download & read the participation agreement



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